مقام معظم رهبری:برپایی نهضت نرم افزاری و تولید علم، توقع جامعه از اهل علم است

مقام معظم رهبری:برپایی نهضت نرم افزاری و تولید علم، توقع جامعه از اهل علم است


Wonderful and powerful:
The powerful keylugger with twofold power come;
Arash net keylagger version 3 – keylugger Trojan the best keylagger – Trojan (even one keylagger even an excellent tool to hack) to exist in the world.
A new kind of Keylugger Trojan which can work in online & offline mode.
Have a one network is enough. While internal or internet network. It means that this keylugger don’t have need to internet even to send and you use of network bases. With this keylugger – Trojan you have a best tool for hack. In addition to hack you have a best worth keylugger.
Powerful keylugger to hacks companies, coffee nets, universities. That does like a good and watchful clock .you can easily tack a picture from desktop of every one that you want in coffee net.
Arash net keylugger  





We call it the most powerful keylugger in the word due to 28 reasons:
1- Send all of passwords (hack) (messenger yahoo - jimil – change the windows password – bogs and all of pressed mouse middle key ;
2- Unrecognized from all of antivirus ;
3- Disable windows firewall ;
4- Announce hack word to identify messenger and hack ID ;
5-   Advanced control which it’s explains send to buyers. this keylugger from this rezones is more different than other keylugger ;
6- Change size and hide own program control are its abilities ;
7- Find IP by keylugger ; more than 10 swooning and dupe icons to program server ;
8- Have 2list of reading password with different ability ;
9- Possibility to turn of restart , logoff victim , (to these work use assent war )
10- Possibility to save the picked text in keylugger list page ;
11- An especial program like a gift with finding computer ability which be in network and share folder ; this program shows all of networks computer with IP and participated files and window’s cart number and username ;
12- Most number of made keylugger don’t made best. But this keylugger – Trojan show all of keys which are clicked with taking into consideration pushing shift or caps lock. it means that it is sensitive with small and bid words ;
13-  If you don’t want to receive some keys like space , Alt and … , and just will see the sentence which is typed this ability take info consideration automatically . this editing automatically cut additional words and shows a text which is more legible.
14-  All of the important word in this program will show as help and guide in this keylugger Trojan page.
15- Possibility test programs in your own computer .anti arash net keylugger be with this program and you will can easily delete it after test on your own computer .pay attention without this option you cant purification your own computer .
16- This keylugger can be close-fitting. Even time that you or victim exist of network, easily can cannot again. its mean that you can exist from program and even time  you want can be cannot .in most of this program when disconnect any more possible to cannot or restart again victim computer.
17- This key logger Trojan is conducted in a way which active lights are yellow and inactive lights are green. . This subject possibility to users that they can simply hack their victim.
18-  The possibility of arranging & registering in offline mode is also added to this program.
19- Possibility searches those computers which hacked previously, by this keylugger in big networks.
20- The collection of 30 various world’s keylugger.
21- Take picture from victim’s computer and send it to yourself.
22-  New possibility to opening and closing CD RAM – calculator – pint & recalling screen server – game with scroll lock – num lock – caps lock and turn on and turn off their light .
23- Give ID & username from victim computer.
24- Addition menu and shortcut key
25- Addition audio menu
26- Send a domestic keylugger with possibility save picture – text – internet link – password – and tens items of analyze mode.
The version will send free to former buyers.
Price of this magical keylugger:
62.27 $ with update service.
If you are a web log or website owner, by linking our programs & expanded cooperation with us, you’ll have a special discount up to 75%
Keep in touch with us by sending your comments and get a 50% discount. 

for how to buy please mail to: PARS_SOFT@YAHOO.COM

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